CORRECTING and REPLACING Inspired Spine Announces Results of Study on Minimally Invasive Direct Thoracic Interbody Fusion

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fifth paragraph, first sentence of release should read: MIS-DTIF is a

Minnesota-born advancement in thoracic spinal disease management

(instead of MIS-DTIF is a Minnesota-born advancement in thoracic spinal

disease management and is currently offered only in Alexandria,


The corrected release reads:



Study concludes promising spinal fusion procedure significantly

reduces back pain in participants

Inspired Spine announced that its study on minimally invasive direct

thoracic interbody fusion (MIS-DTIF) has been published and is available

on PubMed.

MIS-DTIF is a single surgeon procedure that is shown to alleviate back

pain in patients with degenerative disk disease or disk herniation. The

study included four participants and measured patient-reported pain,

surgery time and complications.

“Patients reported a significant reduction in back pain after receiving

MIS-DTIF,” said Chris Murphy, president of Inspired Spine. “For these

patients, it’s not just about finding relief from back pain; it’s about

getting their lives back.”

Before surgery patients reported an average of 8.8 out of 10 on sliding

pain scale. At the first follow up after surgery, patients reported

their pain was significantly reduced to 3.5 out of 10. Additional

highlights of the study included that surgery time was approximately one

hour and the hospital stay was about two days, but the author reports

that many patients can go home the next day. On the other hand,

traditional one-segment spinal surgery takes four to five hours and many

times requires opening of the chest cavity, resulting in a hospital stay

of up to five days.

MIS-DTIF reduced the risk of complications in the study because its

advanced minimally invasive technique eliminates the need to open the

chest and makes use of real time biplane fluoroscopy X-ray imaging.

MIS-DTIF is a Minnesota-born advancement in thoracic spinal disease

management. It has shown to be very advantageous as an advanced

minimally invasive spinal fusion alternative, most notably because

compared to open surgery it reduces recovery time. Early outcomes and a

lack of complications show that MIS-DTIF is a promising procedure

warranting further study.

To read the full study visit PubMed.

For more information on MIS-DTIF visit Inspired


About Inspired Spine

Inspired Spine, a Minnesota-based advanced minimally invasive spinal

surgery technological developer, has introduced and performed over 400

procedures using the revolutionary Oblique Lateral Lumbar Interbody

Fusion (OLLIF) technique and advanced minimally invasive systems. This

new method is transforming the way spinal surgeries are approached and

can replace more typical spinal fusion surgeries. Spine is

focused on the development of advanced minimally invasive surgical

techniques and developing surgical procedures and health care technology

to reduce or eliminate the physical and economic risks and discomfort

that is created by the daily struggles of enduring back pain and its

physical limitations. Learn more at

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